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Historical BronzeWorks Canopy Selection

Architectural metal canopies are important design elements over entrances and windows. Historical Bronze canopies are used for both historical restorations and new construction. Available in a variety of ornamental metals including bronze, aluminum or copper, these canopies to built to withstand wind, rain and snow loads for years to come.

Metal Canopies by Historical Bronze:

  • No one offers a wider selection of cast metals
  • Can replicate existing canopies or create new, custom designs
  • Provide shelter for visitors and employees
  • Engineered can be provided
  • Available in a wide variety of metals, finishes and styles
  • Available with standing seam metal, glass or translucent resin or onyx infill panels
  • Fully detailed CAD drawings available

If you are designing, building or restoring a canopy, please contact us for assistance.


This elegant canopy features columns on each side and a balcony.


This refined canopy is accented by an overhead balcony and railing.


Grace your home or building with this canopy, complete with columns and railing.


Add sophistication to any home or building with a charming canopy, complete with railing and columns.


This elegant canopy features columns and railing.


Add sophistication with charming simplicity


Featuring an enclosed look with columns, railing, and over head decor, this elegant canopy will add personality to your home or building.