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Architectural Bronze Restoration

The Team

To assist with your project, Historical BronzeWorks employs a team of architects, engineers, designers, artisans, metallurgists and detailers. With extensive experience in historical restoration and conservation our team can assist you each step of the way.

Historical Metal Restoration Consulting

The associates at Historical BronzeWorks are internationally recognized as experts in architectural castings and metal restoration and conservation. We work with designers and architects to help them develop details and specifications for their projects.

On request we conduct historical inventories and damage surveys. These include documentation, research, CAD drawings, electronic testing and metal analysis. Scope of work, suggested restoration methods, and budgets are some of the many consulting services we offer. The preliminary budget and initial consultation are offered at no cost or obligation.

Consider us your staff experts in architectural cast metals.


If replacement pieces are needed, we produce quality, historically accurate castings by combining state of the art technology with traditional techniques and craftsmanship.

Special Installations

On request, Historical BronzeWorks can provide experienced installation from start to finish. Alternatively, we can provide a consultant to assist your subcontractor's crews.

  • Bronze Restoration
  • Bronze Conservation
  • Bronze Cleaning
  • Patination
  • Statues
  • Sculpture cleaning
  • Monument Restoration
  • Architectural Features
  • Sculpting
  • Casting

Generally our restoration projects involve working on statues & monuments (statues, monuments and memorials) and architectural features division (facades, doors, etc.).

Sculptural or Monument Maintenance

Sometimes a sculpture or monument is still in good condition but just needs a little TLC. Generally, we don't try to make old sculptures or monuments look new when we carry out maintenance work. Minimal intervention to maintain the piece so it ages gracefully is preferred by most clients. We seek to restore the sculpture sympathetically, keeping the statue's provenance in mind.

Once the initial remedial work has been done, we recommend a reasonable maintenance program. Simple written guidelines are provided and the work can generally be done by the client’s forces or we can contract for a yearly inspection, cleaning and waxing. In large cities pollution is more of a problem. Removal of dirt and grime and the regular waxing of bronze monuments ensure that they continue to look great.

We work with cities, public buildings, and private collectors to ensure that their art works remain in pristine condition.

Architectural Bronze Maintenance

Bronze facades, doors and architectural features can become dirty and stained without regular maintenance.

Atmospheric pollution and bird droppings can affect the bronze appearance. The patina on door handles and frequently touched areas can wear away leaving patchy appearance.

We can advise you on maintenance so your buildings bronze can always look its best.


There are two types of bronze patinas: bronze patinas that form naturally over the surface and those that are formed by chemicals and heat in the studio. Sometimes old patinas can fail to serve their purpose because of irregular wear or abuse. In those cases we can reapply a patina in the field. Repatination should always be kept to a minimum and always be handled with sensitivity. Restoration of the bronze patina can help restore the intended esthetic of the piece and bring it back to its full beauty.