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Restoration of Historic Ornamental Metals in Architecture: Material Testing & Analysis

Copper based metals used in architecture and sculpture include various alloys like bronze, brass, nickel silver, gunmetal, bell metal and others. Sometimes metals thought to be bronze are actually” bronzed” or plated finishes over cast iron or white metal. Determining which ornamental metal was used for a historic project can be a challenge. We can help.

When questions about historical ornamental metals come up, leading museums, restoration professionals, architects, preservationists and contractors turn to Historical BronzeWorks.

Historical BronzeWorks is a leader in the field of historic ornamental metals testing, analysis, patinas, custom casting and reproduction. Ornamental metals used in architecture, art, sculpture and monuments are alloys. These are blends of metals, melted together to achieve various properties of appearance, workability or durability. Architectural alloys include iron, steel, bronze, brass, copper alloys, nickel, zinc, lead and others. It can be difficult to determine which metal was used for a particular project. We offer metal testing and analysis to help ensure a proper historical replication or restoration. For historical restoration projects we combine information from historical records, site inspection and advanced metal matching techniques to produce a report explaining the metal used. On request we can produce a sample of a matching alloy and patina unique to the project. The attention to detail you get with Historical BronzeWorks results in a replacement alloy that replicates the existing ornamental metal in both appearance and performance and helps ensure a quality architectural restoration.

Services include

  • Historic metals testing
  • Detailed historic preservation/ restoration report
  • Patina duplication and restoration
  • Cleaning
  • Replica casting

Metals Tested

  • Cast Iron
  • Steel
  • Copper
  • Bronze
  • Brass
  • Nickel Silver
  • Zinc
  • Lead
  • Bell Metal

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